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The Environmental Partnership Foundation is the most experienced environmental organization in supporting local initiatives for sustainable development operating in Poland since 1991 (in 1991 - 1996 as a program of the American Foundation for The Marshall Fund of the U.S., since 1997 as an autonomous Polish Foundation .)

The philosophy and method of operation at the Foundation is that of a partnership - all initiatives, projects and programs of the Foundation are co-created and implemented jointly with NGOs, companies and public institutions. In all its activities, the Foundation is guided by three principles for effective partnerships: 

  • Transparency about the objectives and motivations,
  • Gender equality in the planning and decision making,
  • Mutual benefit.

Together with over 600 partners from Poland (NGOs, schools, local government, businesses), the Foundation carries six long-term programs that introduce the principles of sustainable development in the daily life of Poles: Partner Groups, Greenways, Schools for Sustainable Development, Clean Business, Ecomuseums, Local Brand. The programs are awarded environmental certification: Green Flag, Bike-friendly, Clean Tourism, Local Activity Centre for Ecology and Green Office.

Foundation programs are constantly developed according to local needs. These activities include financial assistance, counseling, training assistance, networking, environmental certification, offering innovative solutions and disseminating best practices, and being environmentally friendly.

The activities of the Foundation are an example of practical implementation of sustainable development, which can benefit both private citizens in their daily lives, as well as other non-governmental organizations, companies or public institutions shaping our reality.

Currently, The Environmental Partnership Foundation is working with four Strategic Partners, which include BP Poland, Kraft Foods, Toyota, Knauf Insulation.

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About us



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