Internship opportunities with the Polish Environmental Partnership Foundation

We offer internships related to energy effectiveness in our ongoing projects and programmes, which focus on promoting and enabling energy savings in schools, SMEs, local governments, NGOs and other organizations as part of a community-based transition to sustainability.The internships are for 13 week periods and roles are available within project management, administration, research and data management, policy and strategic development and community engagement. They will be hosted by the Polish Environmental Partnership Foundation and her partners in local and regional municipalities, charities, schools, NGOs and private businesses active within the energy efficiency and renewable energy sector.

We are looking for candidates who have a background or interest in environmental management, energy efficiency and citizen involvement coupled with an interest/capability for IT, especially related to the social media.

Selected interns will operate from the Foundation and will be assigned to work with one or more of the Foundation’s partners (a business, NGO, school or local government office) who is actively working on energy effectiveness activities. The Foundation will provide a basic introduction to energy auditing and energy/sustainability issues in Poland with the expectation that interns become actively involved in implementation of concrete activities.

The expectation is that interns will work with the Foundation team and individual partner organizations to review, write-up and disseminate examples of good practice and success stories with the idea of inspiring others to undertake more effective energy saving activities – such as those generated in the Schools for Sustainable Development programme ( or Clean Business programme ( The motivation is to strengthen and develop the Foundation’s networks and partnerships for building a more sustainable future in the Krakow area, in Poland and internationally (notably in the UK), especially through realizing the potential of social media.

How to apply:

If you are interested please send your CV to:
 Alternatively, if you would like to discuss these opportunities in more detail or don’t have an up-to-date CV, please feel free to get in touch via email or phone.
T:  020 7254 0783
M: 07932 135 731

Further information can be found on the 3Si website at:

Download the file with more information.



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